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On completion of (or instead of) Sales Transformation, a Sales & Sales Management Academy can be customised and implemented offering 6 ‘Badges’ defined for each mission critical discipline. During the 3rd P (People) of a Sales Transformation initiative, the hard skills Schools are our primary focus geared towards providing the quickest possible return on investment. Transformation provides a ‘point in time’ initiative, followed by the Sales Academy, which builds a sustainable Sales Culture within your organisation. Excos should demand the achievement of ‘Badges’ from each individual performing a critical role, as then best practice is forced to become a sustained way of life, with the significant top line benefits that follow. Insisting on the achievement of ‘Badges’ intrenches a Sales Culture. ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’. Once Transformation is achieved, the Stratham Bryce Academy makes existing and future sales teams the best that they can be, maximising revenue generation and sustainable growth. If 6% of an organisation’s people’s time is not spent on effective ongoing personal development, they become depreciating assets and then more of them are needed to accomplish the same.



Founded in 1994, boasting more than 10 000 graduates across 3 continents, have seen Stratham Bryce mould the discipline of sales and service excellence into many ‘blue chip’ organisations. More detail in our prospectus. If it is training only that you require, or if you have a specific ‘Burning Platform’ requirement needing immediate attention, our solutions can be tailor made to address your specific need. Consistent sales effectiveness is unlikely to be achieved without rigorously implementing the basic principle of Sales Managers regularly reviewing the gap between each respective salesperson’s seasonalised target and their respective YTD (year to date) position. Sanitising the pipeline that covers their respective gaps to determine the actual shortfall of what still needs to be found, then coach and mitigate appropriately to reduce this shortfall to zero (as taught on the Schools), is in essence, the fundamental success formula. Without an adequate platform, this cannot be achieved. The only way to instil regular sales cadence discipline, is when Exco regularly review the ‘treed-up’ data of sales gap and shortfall, then hold the respective

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