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Management Schools

Without leadership, nothing happens! These Schools address 5 separate management disciplines for ‘people managers’ who need to achieve results through other people.

Like it or not, any manager who is responsible for generating, maintaining or even remotely supporting revenue generation or customers, is involved in the sales effectiveness of the organisation. Revenue generating managers have a sales management element (function) to their job, irrespective of their designation and are required to achieve sales (revenue) through other people. It is essential to get this right. 5 separate management/leadership groups have been identified, each having their own appropriately focussed School or Workshop designed to maximise their respective effectiveness in the quest of achieving Sales Effectiveness and/or Customer Centricity

Executive Director’s Workshop

Duration: half a day

For Boards and Exco to understand and agree which decisions, behaviours and actions, at an executive level, assist or inhibit Sales Effectiveness and/or Customer Centricity. Myths and truths about what drives and demotivates salespeople and what inhibits or kills sales, plus the executive’s personal role in significantly assisting or inhibiting major sales cycles is explored, defined and agreed. Understanding the essential executive behaviours required to build and/or maintain a Sales Effective Culture and/or Customer Service Culture will be the outcome of this ½ day workshop

General Management School

Duration: 2 days

For divisional heads who manage ‘people managers’ across various disciplines, i.e. they have Sales Managers, Sales Support Managers and/or Service Managers reporting to them. These General Managers achieve results through these managers who in turn get the results from their people

Sales Management School

Duration: 3 days

For people managers who need to achieve sales through other people who report directly to them, including BDMs, Channel Mangers and Key Account Managers of various levels and sales disciplines.

Sales Support Management School

Duration: 2 days

For individuals providing various forms of expert sales support to the sales force and/or similar people managers, managing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The individuals (i.e. SMEs) reporting to the Sales Support Manager engage directly with prospective customers actively supporting the sales force

Services Management School

Duration: 2 days

For all people managers building and/or maintaining a Customer Centric Service Culture. It is important to understand that 69% of customers leave because they feel that the person they are dealing with is indifferent to their needs. A customer centric service culture is not a ‘nice to have’. It is essential for sustaining business and it has to be constantly driven by management. 

This School is intended for those managers who manage staff performing a service of whatever nature such as:

  1. technical installation/maintenance staff, directly interfacing with customers
  2. any non-technical or non-sales functions such as delivery, administration, finance etc. where these employees engage directly or indirectly with customers and are required to deliver high levels of customer service to their ‘internal’ or ‘external’ customers


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