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Sales Schools

Different Schools are offered for each type of sales discipline in both Direct Selling (selling directly to the end user), or selling via 3rd party channels (i.e. marketing/selling to distributers or 3rd party channels who sell on to end users – i.e. selling ‘through’, not selling ‘to’)

Solution Selling School - 101

Duration: 2 days                               

Sales 101 for salespeople needing to move away from pushing product & services and to learn instead to ‘listen to understand’, rather than just ‘listening to respond’ and thereby provide effective solutions. ‘One on one’ solution selling as well as Tele-solution sales options are available for selling either directly to end users or to 3rd party channels

Channel Management School

Duration: 3 days                            

Managing Channel Partners i.e. Agents, Dealers or 3rd Parties selling your products, solutions and/or services.  The focus is on selling via 3rd party entities, maximising brand loyalty and producing high yield

Business Development & Account Management School

Duration: 3 days                            

Managing large Strategic Sales Opportunities where more than 1 person is involved in the decision-making process. These large deals are often fraught with sensitive ‘corporate politics’. The School covers the critical elements of Business Development and Account Management (i.e. both new and existing business). Includes prospecting, the Complex Solution Sales Cycle, methodologies, instruments, differentiation (USPs), proposal preparation, presentation & closing. Also included is MAP (Mini Account Planning) for managing small to medium size Key Accounts as if they were a marketplace, using tools, methodologies and instruments to maximise account penetration and yield


Strategic Key Account Planning (S-KAP) Workshop

Duration: 1 day                            

Workshopping the 9 sections of the Strategic Key Account Plan including the BRAD (Business Review & Development Plan) providing a ‘customer feedback workshop’ (i.e. of the plan). This methodology is adopted for very large Strategic Key Accounts delivering massive yield, and encompasses a ‘Discovery Workshop’ teaching Strategic Key Account Managers how to obtain the required information. It is followed by implementation coaching plus the evaluation of their completed S-KAP

Key Account Management School

Duration: 2 days                            

For all Strategic Key Account Managers who have already completed their S-KAP (Strategic Key Account Management Plan) implementation as well as having achieved a ‘competent’ rating for a successful S-KAP implementation. They now use their completed S-KAP on this School to become proficient in all the critical elements of Strategic Key Account Management. Strategic Key Accounts typically account for 80% of a company’s revenue. It is therefore vital that strategic Key Account Managers are well prepared for their very crucial role

SME (Subject Matter Expert) School

Duration: 2 days                            

The sales support SME (Subject Matter Expert) role is a generic description used for all experts who provide expert sales support to front-line salespeople, referred to here as SMEs. Their support in sales situations is vital, where they provide consulting, advising, workshop facilitation, conducting POCs (proof of concepts), assisting in complex proposals etc. The typical roles (designations) often called upon to provide such expert SME sales support are: product managers, consultants, engineers, project managers, industry experts, installers, implementors, trainers, finance professionals, practitioners and any number of professionals in the organisation, who have specialist knowledge and provide expert SME sales support to front line salespeople engaged in strategic sales cycles. The School equips SMEs to engage with business people in ‘business speak’, rather than technical jargon. To present their technical offerings to ‘C’ level executives in a sales support role and engage with both business and technical levels within customers, adjusting their engagement appropriate to the audience, thus providing significant competitive advantage in sales situations

Financial Justification School

Duration: 2 days                            

For professionals needing to master the skill of producing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) or TCV (Total Cost of Value) time based financial models comparing the NPVs (Net Present Values) of the various scenarios in question to justify and demonstrate the financial worth of the respective solution being proposed. Delegates are taught to ‘torture the numbers until they confess’, to prove (when possible) that the more expensive option can be the least cost option over time. A very powerful tool for top salespeople who have the smarts to develop financial models plus have the desire and determination to succeed.

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