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The 4 Ps of transformation

This is the process of taking the company strategy as the defined input to produce a detailed Sales Operating Plan, designed to deliver the sales objectives of the organisation. We facilitate and manage the development of the ‘Sales Operating Plan’, involving all key members of the Exco team. The output is a documented and agreed to ‘Sales Operating Plan’. However, when Service Transformation is required, a ‘Customer’ Service’ Policy document is produced.

The defined and appropriate framework of ‘Best Practice’ must be formalised for the organisation. For Sales Transformation and/or optimisation, discovery sessions are conducted, engaging in workshops and interviews with the Sales Leader(s). The agreed framework is then formulated and incorporated in a customised ‘Sales Manager’s Handbook’, becoming the governance tool to implement the Processes needed to deliver against the Sales Operating Plan. The output of the Process (phase 2) of Sales Transformation is a documented ‘Sales Managers Handbook’, followed by ½ day workshops to communicate the agreed processes to the sales force. For Service Transformation however, the output is the documented ‘Service Policy Handbook’.

Any Sales Strategy and Plan will not deliver the expected returns if not properly executed. The key to execution is the development of the required Sales Culture, that drives the behaviour of the team and a trained sales force. This is the process of training the People in the ‘Best Practices’ of their respective discipline, focused on internalising and integrating the 20% critical hard and soft skills that yield the 80% results. These are intense experiential pass/fail (i.e. ‘Competent’ or ‘Not Yet Ready’) interventions run by highly experienced STLs (Sales Transformation Leaders) enhancing and/or changing behaviour to achieve the desired effectiveness.

We have developed a blended training methodology unique to our digitalization age (i.e. the 4th industrial revolution, currently evolving) where our trainers (STLs) have each held executive ‘C’ level positions, with first-hand experience of the issues at hand, taking delegates through an experiential intervention where skills are internalised in a relatively short space of time. Stratham Bryce has developed and use a ‘world first’ digitalisation tool providing ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to identify precisely what each delegate (student) is doing right and wrong, identifying the precise positive and negative behaviours, enabling coaching with exacting precision. Our unique blended training solutions make our Schools unique and a world leader in our field where the case studies are specifically adapted for your organisation, geared around situations encountered daily with optional Implementation & Maintenance interventions to follow.

Schools & Workshops Offered

The 5 Management Schools for ‘People Managers’:

  1. Executive Director’s Workshop | ½ day
  2. General Management School | 2 days
  3. Sales Management School | 3 days
  4. Sales Support Management School | 2 days
  5. Services Management School | 2 days


The 8 Sales Related Schools / Workshops

  1. Solution Selling School – 101 | 2 days
  2. Channel Management School | 3 days
  3. Business Development & Account Management School | 3 days
  4. Strategic Key Account Planning (S-KAP) Workshop | 1 day
  5. Key Account Management School | 2 days
  6. SME (Subject Matter Expert) Sales Support School | 2 days
  7. Financial Justification School | 2 days
  8. Business Foundation Workshop | 1 day


The 2 Customer Service Schools

  1. Customer Service School | 2 days
  2. Customer Orientation School | 1 day


This is the final phase of the 4 ‘Ps’ of Transformation. For the above to work effectively, the cadences and processes should be incorporated into a formal sales automation system. To provide consistency and integrity in sales reporting from salesperson to Sales Management to CEO/Board of Directors, it is essential that there is a single point of truth, provided by your chosen sales platform/system. Our Preferred suppliers ensure an effective implementation of our Score Cards, extracting data from your selected ‘platform’ to enable measurement, pipeline sanitisation, processes, cadences and the necessary ‘decision support’ reporting.


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